Activity Report Regional Association Berlin/Brandenburg 2019/2020

The state representatives are supported by a team of helping affected persons.

There are 859 members in Berlin and 401 in Brandenburg, plus 7 Self-help groups in Berlin and 4 in Brandenburg.

In the fall of 2019, we held 3 collaborative events with clinics as physician patient seminars.

With the team of the regional association we discussed the activities of the current year at the annual meeting. For this purpose we had invited a speaker in order to get help for our children youth seminar.

After that, the Corona Pandemic caught up with us and we were busy canceling already planned events.

We established telephone contact with the groups and asked who needed support. Some support groups quickly moved to digital formats and others met only once outdoors during the summer to maintain group life in the Corona Pandemic. All of them are in contact with each other via different communication channels.

We are in contact with the group leaders and offer support for new group foundings. We also provide vacation substitutions for group leaders upon request. We help with the handover of the groups to a new leader, e.g. if someone wants to hand over the group leadership due to age reasons.

We have offered supervision for our group leaders in the self-help groups and for the state association team.

The counseling telephone was regularly used by those affected.

We take care of those who ask us for advice.

We get involved in health policy work at the state and federal level.

We presented the CED App and the CED Intranet at a self-help conference of the BKK federal Association in the context of Reha Care in Düsseldorf. In addition, the CED intranet underwent further technical development. And we attended the annual digital event of the AOK Federal Association.

The state commissioners participated in training meetings of the federal association.

In addition, we give lectures at nursing staff training courses in hospitals and to doctors in private practice.

We have visited hospitals to present the DCCV and our work, and we have introduced ourselves to private practices. Personal contact leads to networking that benefits patients.

We completed the second part of our Mind Body Coaching. A seminar on resource conservation. We will have two physician patient events online.

The regional association has launched a podcast “Crohn’s, Colitis & Co – the DCCV Podcast”.

We submit applications for funding within the framework of § 20 SGB V and manage the state association account.

Signed: The regional representatives of the Berlin/Brandenburg regional association, Sonja Arens, Kerstin Gläser, and Marcus Hetschel.