Tasks in the national association

Tasks of the Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Association of the DCCV e.V.:

The tasks in a national association are very diverse. The fulfilment of these tasks requires different skills and interests of the staff working in the national association.

The distribution of tasks and the setting of priorities are done according to personal competences and interests, time and health resources and the place of residence of the volunteers. Regional conditions must also be taken into account.

We work in a team with people from Berlin and Brandenburg.

Information events

  • Planning, preparation, implementation and follow-up of events to provide information about inflammatory bowel diseases
    • DCCV-own events
    • doctor-patient seminars (APS) held in cooperation and
    • Doctor-patient day or weekend seminars on disease-related topics
    • Physician Patient Talks
  • Support of DCCV information stands
  • Participation in thematic events
  • Training of care students/dietary assistants in hospitals
  • Patient discussion / information events in rehabilitation clinics and other events
  • Entry and updating in LV diary and on the Internet (website, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Articles about APS or other information for ventriloquists, for the website of the DCCV Bundesverband, for the website of the LV Selbsthilfe Berlin

Self-help support

  • Organisation and implementation of contact person meetings
  • Maintaining contact and cooperation with local self-help groups
  • Maintenance of the list of contacts from the groups
  • Support for the foundation of self-help groups
  • Representation of group management
  • Support for the discussion groups
  • Exchange with other national associations within the DCCV
  • Cooperation with working groups of the DCCV
  • Exchange with other self-help organizations in the Landesvereinigung Selbsthilfe Berlin and the LAG SH Brandenburg

Maintaining contact

Representation of interests (health and social policy lobbying)

Through participation in events and/or involvement in committees of the health and social system, e.g.

Consultign of affected persons and their relatives

  • Advice by telephone, in writing and in person, taking data protection into account
  • Advice at information stands at doctor-patient seminars and other information events such as patient training courses, e.g. in rehabilitation clinics.
  • Forwarding to other DCCV actors depending on the problem/request
  • we try to answer e-mail inquiries within 3 days

Public relations

  • Presentation of the DCCV through information stands at trade fairs, self-help days, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, doctors’ events.
  • Lectures at events in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, doctors’ events
  • Maintenance of the National Association CED Intranet Page
  • Create articles for the Ventriloquist and for the state association’s DCCV homepage.
  • Distribution of information material in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, surgeries, etc.
  • Collaboration and support of the federal office in the creation and maintenance of flyers for the respective national association
  • Letter campaigns to physicians on specific occasions in consultation with the Executive Board and the federal office

Financial management

  • Application for funding, flat-rate and project-related
  • Billing of the subsidies by keeping proofs of use
  • Preparation of the quarterly accounts of the national association
  • Drawing up the budget for the national association
  • Account management
  • Acquisition of sponsorships (only in consultation with the DCCV federal office)
  • Exchange with other state associationsand the federal office on financial management
  • Participation in treasurers’ meetings for internal training purposes
  • External training and coordination meetings on flat-rate funding in the state via the state association for self-help,
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