How is the DCCV financed?

From affected persons for affected persons
In the DCCV, affected persons volunteer to help other affected persons. Voluntary means that they are not paid for it, nor do they receive any expense allowance. Without this commitment, the DCCV would not exist. But still, there are tasks for which money is needed. Printing the members’ magazine, postage, organizing events, this homepage – all this costs money.

no “Profit-making intentions”
The DCCV is a non-profit association. This means that everything that is done serves the purpose of the articles of association (i.e. representing the interests of people affected by IBD) and not making money. As a non-profit association, the DCCV enjoys benefits in the area of tax liability and accounting obligations, while at the same time it is bound by certain guidelines on how to handle its money (“timely use of funds”).

The Berlin/Brandenburg state association is financed to a small extent by donations and for the most part by self-help promotion at state level. The promotion of self-help is a statutory task of the health insurance funds and their associations according to § 20h SGB V. Funding is provided for health-related self-help – these are self-help groups, self-help organisations and self-help contact points. Promotion is provided at 3 levels: federal level, state level and regional level (self-help groups). There are 2 types of funding at each level: Community funding across all types of health insurance funds is joint funding of self-help groups, self-help organisations and self-help contact points by the statutory health insurance funds and their associations. These self-help structures are subsidised institutionally in the sense of basic funding within the framework of lump-sum funding. Individual health insurance funds and/or their associations are responsible for individual funding. The legislator has opened up the possibility for health insurance companies to cooperate with self-help within the framework of project funding and to work together in terms of content. Funding is provided for measures that are limited in time and content.

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In 2022, the self-help organization received €39.549,06 as part of the cross-insurance self-help funding of self-help organizations in Berlin in accordance with §20 h SGB V. This includes a funding supplement of €4.000 for the implementation of the measures (quality-checked homepage and digital self-help activity report).

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