Kerstin Gläser received the Badge of Honour from the State of Berlin

On 18 July 2017, Kerstin Gläser was awarded the Badge of Honour from the State of Berlin in the Coat of Arms Hall of the Red Town Hall in Berlin.
The State Secretary for Labour and Social Affairs, Alexander Fischer, on behalf of the Berlin Senator for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs, Elke Breitenbach, pinned the badge of honour on her and presented her with a certificate, which he also read out.

Every six months, the Berlin Senate honours 12 volunteers for their special social commitment.

What an honour for the Berlin/Brandenburg regional association that its long-time regional representative Kerstin Gläser has received this outstanding honour from the state of Berlin.

Her comrades-in-arms in the national association are proud, happy and delighted with Kerstin Gläser about this honour.

The National Self-Help Association Berlin e.V. has nominated Kerstin Gläser for this award.

Kerstin Gläser has been a state representative of the DCCV for over 20 years and has been leading a self-help group for over 25 years, which she herself set up. She has done a lot for other affected people during this time. Since then, she has been the contact person for telephone counselling. At times she even led the national association alone. Of course, the preparation of doctor-patient seminars and stand support, as well as the training of nursing staff and contact with the self-help groups of the national association were also part of her long-standing tasks.

She carries out her voluntary work with heart and soul. She is constantly there for others and provides help and assistance to those affected and their relatives.

The certificate mentioned that with her personal commitment she has contributed to ensuring that human attention remains tangible in the big city of Berlin.

We congratulate you, dear Kerstin!

Your comrades-in-arms from the Berlin/Brandenburg regional association.

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